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Application infrastructure & Security

Application infrastructure & Security

Every organization faces the possibility of major and minor disruptions of all kinds, from planned events such as IT maintenance and office relocations, to looming emergencies such as extreme weather and epidemics, to sudden disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes and fires. Even a relatively small incident like a failed water main or road construction can have a major impact if it makes it impossible for work to continue at a given location.

While business continuity planning has traditionally focused on failover and disaster recovery for the datacenter, this is only part of the picture. People need access to the applications, data, files, communication and collaboration tools their work depends on to keep the business up and running.

Enable uninterrupted productivity for people and business units

APH will help organizations ensure continuity of operations during business disruptions and:
  • Provide people with seamless access to their apps, data and collaboration services during any kind of business disruption, planned or unplanned
  • Protect and control business information accessed from any location on any device and in any situation
  • Simplify continuity by leveraging everyday infrastructure, eliminating the need for separate business continuity access tools and devices
  • Ensure the availability of IT services through rapid, automated datacenter failover, load balancing and network capacity management



Over 70 percent of successful Internet attacks now exploit application vulnerabilities. AppFirewall secures web applications, prevents inadvertent or intentional disclosure of confidential information and aids in compliance with information security regulations such as PCI-DSS. AppFirewall is available as a standalone security appliance or as a fully integrated module of the NetScalerapplication delivery solution and is included with Citrix NetScaler, Platinum Edition

Below are the key protection tactics employed by NetScalerAppFirewall.
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • SQL Injection
  • XML Security
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Data Theft
  • Additional known and unknown attacks

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